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Il giorno 15/01/2010 e’ stata rilasciata l’ultima versione del branch 1.6 di Asterisk. Si tratta di una minor release che risolve una serie di bugs piu’ o meno severi. L’annuncio ufficiale:

The release of Asterisk resolved several issues reported by the
community, and would have not been possible without your participation. Thank

* CLI ‘queue show’ formatting fix.
(Closes issue #16078. Reported by RoadKill. Tested by dvossel. Patched by

* Fix misreverting from 177158.
(Closes issue #15725. Reported, Tested by shanermn. Patched by dimas.)

* Fixes subscriptions being lost after ‘module reload’.
(Closes issue #16093. Reported by jlaroff. Patched by dvossel.)

* app_queue segfaults if realtime field uniqueid is NULL
(Closes issue #16385. Reported, Tested, Patched by haakon.)

* Fix to Monitor which previously assumed the file to write to did not contain
(Closes issue #16377#16376. Reported by bcnit. Patched by dant.

Release Summary

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